What is BAT fighting for in the blockchain boom?

On January 3, 2009, Nakamoto caught up the first bitcoin block in front of the computer and got the earliest 50 bitcoins in the world. These bitcoins, which were not worthwhile at the time, laid a footnote for today's hot blockchain technology.

10/23/2018 05:41

Taiwan's virtual currency platform was taxed and paid 14 million

According to Taiwan’s “China Times News”, bitcoin skyrocketed and the investment risk was huge, but the platform operators were profitable.

10/23/2018 03:47

How does the blockchain achieve privacy protection?

Today, technology has violated our privacy. Most things that individuals or organizations do are in the public domain. Third parties monitor, store and utilize personal and organizational data, patterns, preferences (preferences) and activities involved. Many emerging business models rely on the collection, processing and resale of our personal data.

10/23/2018 03:33

US Patent Application Strategy for Blockchain Technology

As an emerging technology, blockchain is gaining more and more attention from enterprises. At present, many companies have invested in the research and development of blockchain technology.

10/23/2018 03:29

Blockchain pioneer: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

For the blockchain, the Dubai government of the United Arab Emirates has always played a key driving force. Although Dubai has not yet established a legal framework for the use of cryptocurrencies, Dubai has explored blockchain technology at the national level and has accepted cryptocurrency as a means of payment.

10/23/2018 03:27

Blockchain can make AI break free from the giants?

In 2018, people who match artificial intelligence and blockchain may be scammers who want to “get rich” quickly. After all, these two concepts are the two most popular and least understood concepts in the tech world.

10/23/2018 03:25

How to chain real-world assets?

Pass-through is the process of converting the rights of assets into digital passes on the blockchain. Financial intermediaries and technologists around the world have generated great interest in how to transfer real-world assets to the blockchain to gain the advantages of Bitcoin while maintaining the characteristics of the assets.

10/22/2018 05:49

Brazil's largest cryptocurrency exchange layoffs

Mercado Bitcoin, Brazil's most traded cryptocurrency exchange, recently fired at least 20 employees and is currently undergoing a restructuring to provide "more specialized, better management and more flexible customer service."

10/22/2018 03:16

Currency Circle Bear Market Survival Guide

Recently, the NewBlockchain CHINA 2018 blockchain sponsored by the ostrich blockchain and the Cobo digital wallet was held at the Chengdu International Airport. The founder of Xiaoma Capital, Jinma, gave a speech on the theme of the "Guide of the Bear Market Survival", the ostrich block. The chain sorted out the speech.

10/22/2018 02:53

Chinese operators are far ahead, global cellular IoT 5 billion mark

According to the latest research data from market research firm Counterpoint Research, by 2025, the global IoT cellular connection is expected to exceed the 5 billion mark, and China will continue to lead the world by nearly two-thirds of the connections.

10/22/2018 02:41
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