BTC stopped falling and stabilized, is it brewing a new waterfall?

Zouping, a researcher at the People's Bank of China Research Bureau, said that blockchain technology is being used to digitize the renminbi. Bitcoin is a digital asset, not a digital currency. They do not have the conditions to become a "currency."

11/25/2018 19:57

How did Bitcoin become a "rich artifact"?

Although the price of Bitcoin has fallen in the past two days, it still has a value of tens of thousands. The market value of “Lei is not moving” ranks first.

11/25/2018 19:46

Bitcoin avalanche Who is selling?

"When I wake up, 10% is gone." Ling Yu complained in the group. The day before yesterday, the BTC fell from the highest point of 5,600 to 4,800 US dollars. Lingyu thought that he had reached the bottom and replaced all his own small currency with BTC.

11/25/2018 19:42

Financial technology market warning multi-layer risk

The Beijing Business Daily reporter is concerned that financial technology has recently replaced Internet finance and has become the direction of regulatory recognition and corporate transformation. The topic of financial technology has become the theme of recent forum activities. Internet finance companies intend to use technology to turn to wealth management and intelligent financial management. Small and medium-sized payment companies also want to use financial technology concepts and means to get out of the predicament. However, at the same time, financial technology risks have also attracted market attention. Analysts pointed out that it is necessary to dialectically look at the opportunities and challenges of financial technology development and be cautious and secure in its actions.

11/25/2018 19:35

US: Ohio State accepts bitcoin tax

According to the "Wall Street Journal" reported on November 25, the United States will be the first state to accept bitcoin tax payment.​

11/25/2018 19:33

What is the first blockchain chain?

What is a blockchain? In essence, a blockchain is a distributed, decentralized network database system that makes data storage, update, maintenance, and operations different. The blockchain we are going to talk about today has four core technologies that are indispensable: distributed storage, consensus mechanism, cryptography, and smart contracts. So let's talk about it today. Compared with traditional data processing, what is the difference between blockchains, help you understand what blockchains are, and let everyone have a general understanding of blockchains.

11/21/2018 19:03

Looking at the ambition behind Jingdong Finance from changing its name

Chinese people do not easily change their names. If it is changed, it should be the gateway to show the new story to the outside world.

11/21/2018 19:01

Can the chaotic cluster block solve the ills of the film industry?

The yin and yang contracts also have star price premiums, script plagiarism and box office fraud, and the film industry's ills are frequently exposed.

11/21/2018 19:00

Beijing cracked the first "pirated virtual currency" case

Hundreds of computers have been quietly controlled remotely. The servers that seem to be working normally are running at high energy consumption. They are constantly digging into the network currency day and night. Colleagues who have worked side by side have become the behind-the-scenes manipulators, illegally occupying corporate resources. Accumulating wealth... Recently, Chaoyang police cracked the first illegal control of computer information system in Beijing to steal virtual currency cases. The controller Nie Mou was suspected of illegally invading computer information systems and has been criminally compulsory by public security organs.

11/21/2018 18:54

Bubble Bitcoin Dreams Disrupted $30 Billion Instantly Disappears

"How can I suddenly wake up one day and find myself falling asleep in a class in elementary school. Everything I experience now is a dream. The table is full of saliva. You tell the same table and say that you have done a good long. Long dreams. At the same table, you are an idiot, and you are good to listen to the class. You look at the window and everything is so familiar, everything is full of hope..."

11/21/2018 18:53
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